Today is the first day of a new year. A day filled with joy and excitement but full of sorrow and sadness.

Last night one of my baby cousins passed away with the Lord. She was everything I wanted to be, my rock, one of my spiritual mentors, my soul-sister. We were connected in so many levels I can’t even explain it well. Only those who knew us, understand the significance of our relationship. I still feel that Keisha is here, I still feel that she is with us. I am still thinking that she is laughing and praising the Lord with her brother and sister. I am still in denial. But I also draw strength from the fact that she is where she always wanted to be. She is in the presence of the All Mighty. She is with her good Father, she beats us all. Keisha was one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met and she will continue to be. She is singing, she is in awe of the amazing paradise she is experimenting.

You might not understand dear reader, why then in the midst of so much pain I say that today is a day of joy. Well, today I decide to write to the world. Today is the start of my new journey. And I know she would have wanted this for me. I have to do this because I will honor her wishes. She always wanted for me to experience a fullness in Christ. I believe that this blog will help me achieve this. Keisha, it will be hard, I will cry, I will probably question why you had to go so early in life, I will experience pain, and anxiety and will sometimes feel lost but know this, I will try to be the woman you wanted me to be, I will try and reach my potential, the one that you always believed I have. Thank you for all the memories, the laughs, the tears, the moments. Thank you for considering me your sister, for your love and dedication to my struggles and my happiness. Today I present myself vulnerable and open and it is because you inspired me to make it so.

I will love you always,



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  1. I will quote the same words she told me last month as I was grieving another loss. You have a lot of people in your corner and it’s ok to feel this way. But God will see you through this.
    We stand strong
    We stand together


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